This is Our Future Stars Program…..

Our Future Stars is a platform to empower and educate our youth with confidence, integrity, and commitment, so they can live a productive and successful tomorrow in our community. Our goal is to teach young athletes respect for themselves, their peers and their community by instilling a code of ethics built on responsibility, honesty, and teamwork.

Together, our players, families, and volunteers work with a strong spirit to cultivate a safe, competitive and disciplined environment so every child can reach their full potential, develop their talents and increase their skills in the game of basketball, multimedia, volunteerism, academics and more

Our Future Stars Basketball Program is committed to providing youth programs that maintain the highest standards and guarantees a fun and positive experience for everyone involved.

Executive Board

President: Ollie Spears
1st Vice President: Jose Monteiro
2nd Vice President: Jacob Tagger
Secretary: David Gall
Treasurer: Faria Simons

Board of Directors

Ollie Spears
Jose Monteiro
Jacob Tagger
David Gall
Faria Simons
Greg Jackson
Ron Baker
Darren Duarte
Jonieha Vega
Marcel Smith
Marcella Raines
George H. Brickhouse
James Hall
Perry Francis
Jeff Tagger
Larry Plumer