Elite Sports Program is a premier basketball league for the youth in our community to learn, excel, and strive for betterment of oneself and community.

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 We are looking forward to a great season. See you on the Basketball Court!

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In the News

Third Year for our Organization, and running strong. Thank you to all the people who join and support our League.  http://www.enterprisenews.com/news/20170515/new-basketball-summer-league-bounces-into-brockton

Elite Youth Sports Program: Game 1

Elite Sports Program, Game 1

Making it Happen, Vice President Jose Monteiro passing out flyers at one of the Brockton Schools. Just one of many putting in the work to make the league come together.

Its not just the Board Members putting in the work, here we have the Elite players showing off their skills at one of the Showcases.